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Howcreation main specilized in eco gifts,bamboo fiber products,straw fiber products,educational kids toys,innovative gadgets,led night lights,customer service etc.we offers a gateway to China for any company who likes to do business in China. Production
Caused by the scale of our operation we can find and arrange any kind of production. Most of the times high MOQ's are not a necessity due to the fact that we occupy parts of factories. After receiving a request for production, generally you will have complete feedback very quickly in which prices are transparent and also our services. During production and preparing we will keep you informed.
Before transportation, we will control quality of product on the spot at the factory. And also taking care for agreed packaging and transport to the port of destination if needed.
For quotations we also check on forehand the quality of your ordered pEcological Production
Apart from traditional- and mass production, we have quite some experience in Ecological production especially Bamboo and Straw materials. This is a fast growing market. Also we work close with innovative manufactories to reach a better product with less damage for the environment.

Howcreation can help also to design ideas for product or packaging. We work with creative teams in Shanghai as well as European partners. Main thing is that China has developed great innovative programs and Creativity in developing new products.

For transport we can offer you services for transport to any destination in the world. Door to door. Also it can be very cost effective when shipment of parcels can be in combination with other goods we have to ship to other countries.
We transport by ship by boat, airplane and train. Train can also be an option if you needs the goods fast.
roduct and we also can give alternatives on price as well as on quality.

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